We finally have a lure that is a mouthful to the big Musky and other large game fish. This is the finest trolling lure that has ever been made for the Musky for sure. Made of stainless steel, this lure will bump the bottom all day long and show little sign of wear, and will run true at speeds in excess of 10 mph. Try these speeds and bump the bottom with a plastic lure and see how long it lasts. The JB’s are also one of the best lures to put in your prop wash that you will ever use.

Each lure has three line attachments to control the depth. The JB1 has the smaller lip and will run from ten to thirty feet deep. The JB2 has a larger lip and will run from fifteen feet down to a depth of sixty feet and deeper if needed. The depth variations that can be attained with these two lures is controlled by which line tie is used, type of line and the distance the lures are run behind the boat. Monofilament has a greater diameter and floats so it may be used when wanting to run the shallower depths with a longer line. Braid will get the same lure deeper because of the smaller diameter and solid stainless steel line will get the lure the deepest of all the lines. With a little practice running the lures, you will know exactly how much line to let out to control the depth that you want it to run. The JB series lures continue the Depth and Speed Control that we have enjoyed from the spoonplug series with the added Size Control never before available.


John Bales

Johnny B Lures